Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Baking and Crafts After School Program

November 5 – December 5  $125

We welcome the creative minds and deft hands of Urban Prairie’s 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to join us in a unique journey through the art and science of food- and gift-making. During this 4 week workshop, Christina Sedlmaier (mother to 1st grader Arnette and baker extraordinaire) and Angela Assad (acupuncturist and mother to 2 City Garden children) will be leading the students through the rocky terrains of bone broths and soap, bread and paper mâché, herb-infused jams, lacto- fermented krauts, drop spindle spinning, knitting and purling, felting and up cycling. With an emphasis on sustainability, the group will attempt a zero-waste policy: making the byproducts of their kitchen endeavors the subject of their artistic ones.  Goods produced during this program will be sold at the Holiday Fair.  The group will explore the virtues and values of proper cooking, baking and crafting – essential, defining human activities which sit at the heart of our cultures, shape family life and are just plain fun.