Urban Prairie Waldorf School

After School Games Club

After School Games Club
Dates: Tuesdays, from 3:45-5pmFebruary 28 – April 4.
Games club is offered school wide in 2 groups:
Grades 1-3 will be led by game-maker Janine Fron, who will be bringing in her homemade games to explain and play with the children.
“Play and make your own cooperative green games to enjoy with family and friends. Children will experience the magic of fairytales in Prairie Fairies and Princess on the Prairie, and from farm to table foodstuffs in Harvest Dreams, along with other heart-healthy green games.  Enliven rhythmical abilities, storytelling, and imaginative thinking. Cultivate cognitive skills, creativity, and collaboration in a socially dynamic way that values the participation of each player.  Cooperative games help prepare children for team work and belonging with a playful spirit.  Planned activities include storytelling, playtime, guided conversation, and handcrafts.”
Grades 4-8 will be led by Ms Kondrat.
Games club encourages patience, team-building and strategy. Ms Kondrat will lead the students in playing games such as various card games, Risk, Chess, Ticket to Ride and Settler of Catan.
Price includes 6 weeks of after school games and snack: $15 per class, $90 for 6 weeks. Drop ins welcome.